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How to Clean a Gun

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Properly inspecting and regularly cleaning your guns will keep them functioning effectively and firing safely. Because of the tiny explosion in the chamber every time you pull the trigger, residue and sediment are left on the inside of the barrel, making it essential that you take the time to clean it regularly to avoid dangerous malfunctions. You should clean a gun after every time you fire it, and particularly after target practice when you are firing lots of rounds. See Step 1 to learn to start cleaning your guns properly.

1.Getting Started

(1).Get a cleaning kit

Whether you purchase a pre-assmebled cleaning kit from a sporting goods store or you assemble the necessary components individually, you'll need a few basic things to have in your arsenal of cleaning supplies. A basic set includes:

  • Cleaning solvent

  • Lubricant, or gun oil

  • A bore brush

  • A patch holder and patches

  • Cleaning rod

  • A nylon cleaning brush

  • Flashlight

  • Cotton swabs

  • Microfiber cloths for polishing

 (2)Unload your gun

Always take the time to properly unload your gun and double-check to make sure that it's unloaded every time you pick it up to clean it. Remember that your gun may still have a round ready to fire after you remove the magazine, so check and remove this round.

  • After opening the chamber, look through the barrel from back to front. Confirm that no round remains inside, either in the chamber or stuck in the barrel. No gun can be considered unloaded until you have looked through the barrel.

(3)Disassemble your gun only as much as the manufacturer recommends

Check the owner's manual for disassembly instructions to prepare the gun for cleaning. This will allow you to access all parts that become dirty from firing

  • Semi-automatic pistols and rifles will generally be stripped into their major components: barrel, slide, guide rod, frame and magazine. Revolvers, shotguns, and most other sorts of guns will not need to be stripped to clean them.

  • Field stripping is not necessary to clean the gun thoroughly. Don't take apart your gun more than you have to unless it requires repair. Likewise, some guns can't be stripped at all and it won't be necessary to do anything but open the chamber to clean it.

(4)Always clean your gun in a well-ventilated area

Find a a place with good air circulation to clean your guns. Solvent fumes are noxious and can make you sick. Likewise, the solvent and lubricant used just flat-out smell foul if you try to clean your guns indoors, so keep your family happy and don't stink up the joint

  • Cover your work surface with plastic bags, newspaper, or old towels you've saved for the purpose. Head out to the garage and put the door up, or clean your guns on a bright and dry day to get them cleaned properly.

2.Cleaning the Gun
(1)Clean out the barrel with cleaning rod and patches

barrel, using a cleaning rod, patch holder and the right size cotton patches for your gun. Work from the back of the bore if you can. If not, use a muzzle guard. The muzzle guard keeps the cleaning rod from banging against the muzzle, which can cause your gun to malfunction

To thoroughly clean the barrel out, push a solvent-soaked patch through the bore until it exits the other end. Remove the patch, don't pull it back through. Pulling it back through will just redeposit all the gunk you clean off

(2)Alternate the bore brush and patches to thoroughly scrub the barrel

the patch holder and attach the bore brush. Run the bore brush back and forth along the full length of the bore 3 or 4 times to loosen any debris. Next, reattach the patch holder and run solvent-soaked cotton patches through the bore. Remove them when they exit the front. Repeat this process until a patch comes out clean

Run one more dry patch through to dry it out and inspect it closely for any build-up you may have missed

(3)Lubricate the barrel

Attach the cotton mop to the cleaning rod. Apply a few drops of gun conditioner or lubricant to the cotton mop and run it through the bore to leave a light coating of gun oil on the inside

(4)Clean and lubricate the action with solvent.

Apply solvent to the gun brush and brush all parts of the action. Wipe them dry with a clean cloth

Next, lubricate the moving parts of the action lightly. A light coating helps prevent rust. A heavy coating gets gummy and attracts debris, so only use a small amount

(5)Wipe down the rest of your gun with a luster cloth

This is a flannel cloth that comes pre-treated with a silicon lubricant. It will remove any remaining debris, including acid from fingerprints, and add shine

If you don't have a particular cloth designated for cleaning guns, old t-shirts and pairs of socks work really well for the purpose. Use something you've got lying around and won't need to reuse

3.Maintaining Guns

(1)Clean your gun after every use

A good-quality firearm is a significant investment, whether you're using it for sport, hunting, or home defense. Make sure you give it the attention it deserves whenever you get back from a round of firing it

The whole cleaning process, start to finish, only takes 20 or 30 minutes. It's worth it to do it regularly. You might even consider getting out old guns from the back of the closet and doing them all at once while you've got the materials out. Can't hurt

(2)Consider investing in a barrel snake and/or ultrasonic cleaners

Like everything else, gun cleaning technology is cutting edge. For rifles and shotguns, barrel snakes are long multi-purpose cleaners that make the job much quicker and easier, some featuring lights on the end that allow you to see the interior of the barrel much more easily. It cuts down on time and makes the job more efficient.




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