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The 5 Best Gun Cleaning Pads Of 2022

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Anyone who has cleaned guns with gun solvent knows how important it is to have a good gun cleaning pad. A good gun cleaning pad should be made of a non-absorbent, leak-proof material. Another important feature is that it's designed to hold the gun you're using. You should be able to put all the components of the gun on the mat. Since gun cleaning pads are so important, then let's introduce some highly praised gun cleaning pads to you.

1. VALHALLA Gun Cleaning Pads

Valhalla's gun cleaning pads are manufactured to exacting standards and incorporate a water-, scratch-, fade- and oil-resistant dye-sublimation print. The pads are made of 3mm vulcanized rubber backing with a soft thermoplastic fiber surface, this protects your gun surface and the work surface you are performing maintenance on. They feature a generous 11 x 17 inch work surface, giving you enough room to disassemble your pistol, shotgun or rifle, allowing all of your parts to fit on top of the cleaning pad.2. The Real Avid Smart mat

The Real Avid Smart mat is a great gun cleaning pad with a non-absorbent neoprene material. It comes in two different sizes: one for rifles and/or shotguns and one for pistols. The Real Avid Smart is definitely a favorite among gun lovers. It includes a magnetic part retention bar, which ensures your parts don't roll on you and everything stays in place. The back of the mat is also a non-slip material that won't slip on your desk.

3. UsefulThingy

UsefulThingy's gun cleaning pads are specially designed for AR and are made with a neoprene non-slip base. Aside from the graphics on the pad, what makes this rifle cleaning pad stand out is that it's actually intentionally absorbent. UsefulThingy's Gun Cleaning Pads will spill CLP and oil that actually seeps into the pad rather than needing to be wiped off. If you prefer absorbent material to wipe-off, then this is a good choice for you.

4. Rangetechnic thermal silicone

The Rangetechnic Gun Cleaning Pads are made of heat resistant silicone rubber, you can easily remove excess grease from the pads with a rag, cloth or paper towel. Rangetechnic claims their gun pads can withstand heat up to 500+ degrees Fahrenheit, which is a great option if you want a gun cleaning pad that can withstand heat. Meanwhile the Rangetechnic Airbrush Cleaning Pad is a simple grey with a little black border on the bottom. Such a simple design is also more suitable for people who like a simple style.

5. Sage and braker

If you're looking for gun cleaning pads, the Sage and Braker Waxing Gun Cleaning Pads are without a doubt the best gun cleaning pads on the market right now. But this cleaning pad will be more expensive, and it is a worthwhile choice for those who have higher quality requirements. Its interior is a piece of waxed canvas, like many shooting vests and highland pants, to keep moisture from seeping into the material. The outer material is high quality thick wool and thick leather. The pad actually doubles as a gun cleaning kit, including pockets. They're designed to hold all your brushes, drill snakes, lubricants, and anything else you want to include.



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