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  • A Beginner’s Guide on How to Clean a Gun


    A Beginner’s Guide on How to Clean a GunOctober 18, 2019The number one rule when owning a firearm is safety. Did you know that a clean gun actually reduces the risk of accidental discharge? The more correct name is a negligent discharge, this is completely avoidable by following all safety procedure Read More
  • Gun Cleaning: “Dos and Don’ts”


    It should be common knowledge and generally understood that firearms work better, shoot straighter, and last longer if they are properly maintained. A large part of that maintenance involves the proper cleaning and care of the working mechanisms and the all-important bore.What I consider to be the b Read More
  • What is a GUN brush?


    "Brush gun" is an informal umbrella term used to refer to any large-caliber, lever-action hunting carbine. The name refers to the fact that these carbines are designed to be handled easily in brush,[1] or in any tight spaces where a long-barreled rifle would be unwieldy or impractical. Brush guns ar Read More
  • What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gun?


    What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gun?Most gun owners are aware that they need to clean and maintain their firearms. However, not many people know what happens if you don’t. Besides keeping your firearm’s appearance, cleaning comes with several other benefits. Here are some of the things that cou Read More
  • Maintaining your Glock pistol


    When a friend conducted a weapons inspection at his department recently, he was dismayed to find that most of his officers did a poor job of maintaining their duty firearms. The striker-fired guns (like the Glock pistols and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols) that are so popular with police officers were i Read More
  • How To Clean an AR-15


    It's not a secret that we all approach cleaning and maintaining our firearms individually. While you are cleaning, you can also make a few simple maneuvers to catch possible problems before they cause you grief during trigger time. You've done everything right if your AR stays undamaged and clean.To Read More
  • Cleaning and safe storage of firearms


    Cleaning a firearmBefore hunting, all hunters are responsible for ensuring that their firearm is in good working order. Regular care and cleaning of a firearm ensures greater shot accuracy and helps ensure that the safety mechanisms and action function correctly. Here are the key steps in how to cle Read More
  • Essential Gun Cleaning Supplies And How To Use Them


    How To Use Your Tools To Clean Your WeaponAlright, so far we’ve covered the essential gun cleaning supplies (and a few extras) you should include in your cleaning kit. However, now we need to examine how each of these will be used when cleaning your firearm. First, lets discuss when you should clean Read More
  • Do I have to clean my gun every time?


    DO I HAVE TO CLEAN MY FIREARM EVERY TIME?Avid shooters and hobbyists already know that gun maintenance can be a very detail-oriented process from proper gun cleaning to proper storage. For those new to the shooting sports and firearm ownership, there can be a lot to remember and it can seem intimida Read More
  • 5 Steps to Properly Cleaning Your Handgun


    5 Steps to Properly Cleaning a Pistol Steps to Properly Cleaning a Pistol We'll Cover Read More
  • Choosing A Gun Cleaning Mop


    In the process of gun cleaning, we will use various cleaning tools, such as gun cleaning brushes, lubricants, etc. One of the brushes is the gun cleaning mop. So do you know how to choose a good gun cleaning mop? Read More
  • What Is A Gun Cleaning Mop?


    The gun cleaning mop is a thick cotton mop, and the diameter is the same as the diameter of the barrel. Read More
  • Things You Need To Know About Gun Cleaning Kits-Part Two


    In our previous article, we discussed what components are included in a gun cleaning kit. But what factors should be considered when purchasing a gun cleaning kit? Read More
  • Things You Need To Know About Gun Cleaning Kits-Part One


    The cleaning kit consists of many components. If you want to clean your gun, you must understand these components of the cleaning kit. Read More
  • What To Do Before Cleaning Your Rifle For The First Time


    If you are using a rifle for the first time, you may be confused about how to clean your rifle. Therefore, today we will introduce you to some steps you should take before cleaning your rifle for the first time. Read More
  • Do You Know Where The Pipe Brush Is Used


    The pipe brush, also known as the hole cleaning brush, is an important variety of brushes. It is widely used in the construction process of building plant reinforcement. The following is a brief analysis. First look at the planting process, which mainly consists of the bottom layer, finishing, calib Read More
  • What Are Gun Cleaning Jags Used For


    What Are Gun Cleaning Jags Used For?The best use of a proper jag is to make cleaning a barrel more efficient. Because the patch will fit securely on the jag, the barrel can be cleaned of the grime, dirt, and debris that is building up in the bore. The jag will move the patch into the hard-to-reach a Read More
  • Guide For Twisted Wire Brush


    Twisted wire brush The twisted wire brush is made of two iron wires or four iron wires sandwiched between steel wire or nylon wire and twisted. The twisted wire brush is mainly used for cleaning large and small diameter pipes and concave and convex grooves, and for cleaning small gaps in precision Read More
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