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How To Choose Your First Handgun

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If you are buying a handgun for the first time, you need to make an informed decision on the various performance, size, safety, suitability, etc. of the handgun before purchasing, and choose a handgun that is suitable for you. So how should you choose your first handgun?

Find the right gun module.

When choosing your first handgun, a full-size handgun is recommended for beginners, i.e. a handgun with a barrel close to 5 inches. Beginners use a full-size handgun, which will be easier to maneuver when firing because of the greater recoil-absorbing mass, a larger grip area, and a longer right radius from front to back of the sight. As you get more used to using a handgun, you may want to hide your handgun. In this case, you might want to try a small gun. But when choosing, avoid handguns so small that your pinky dangling from the gun.

Safety performance

If you are buying a handgun for self-defense, it is recommended that you avoid handguns with a manual external safety. At the moment when you need to use your firearm for defense, you may forget to disarm the safety device. However, as a beginner, you may feel more comfortable with a handgun with an external safety, so if that's what you're most comfortable with, stick with it. Remember, the gun is yours to operate, so if you can handle it safely, have the ability, and know what you're doing while you're holding it, your gun will work with or without manual external safety Safe to carry. You might consider a handgun with a trigger safety, in which case the finger must depress the paddle on the trigger to fire. Another safety to consider is the grip safety integrated into the sling, you need to squeeze this safety to disengage and allow the gun to fire.

High visibility

When choosing a handgun, you want to make sure you have as much visibility as possible. In many cases, self-defense situations occur in dimly lit conditions, so night vision goggles are a great option to provide you with effective visibility. In some cases, your handgun of choice may already have recommended night vision sights for that gun, but if not, you can buy aftermarket sights.

9MM is great for beginners

The 9mm caliber is easy to find and less expensive to buy than other calibers. For starters, another benefit of using a 9mm magazine is that its smaller size provides mild recoil and can also be used with higher-capacity magazines. With lower recoil, you can get back to the target faster and shoot more accurately.

Choose the right ammo

Once you have selected the right handgun, sights, etc., you will need to select the correct ammo type. If your handgun is used for self-defense or home defense, a jacketed hollow point is highly recommended. The warhead has a hollow lead tip that expands on impact, and a copper sheath slows the expansion, balancing energy transfer and penetration. This allows the bullet to provide the stopping power you need without over penetrating the target and accidentally injuring others.



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