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Help You Solve The Trouble Of Gun Cleaning

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One of the most important things for gun owners is to clean your gun regularly to keep it in good working order. Many people may also have questions about gun cleaning, so we will help you solve the troubles of gun cleaning now.

First of all, proper firearm cleaning requires the use of caliber-specific jags, brushes, and cleaning patches. The challenge is keeping them all organized so that you don’t mistakenly use the wrong one. Insert a cleaning brush into a bore and you’re in it until you reach the other side. If you realize you used a brush that’s too big and you try to back it out, it will get stuck.

So, how do you store your jags and brushes? A lot of folks toss their jags, brushes, adapters, mops, and so forth into a catch-all drawer or slot in their gun box with no organization whatsoever. That’s fine if you only have a few guns chambered in distinct caliber dimensions, but if you’re running firearms with ammunition calibers that are not readily distinguished with the naked eye, you will be in trouble.

gun cleaning

Because jags, brushes, and mops are caliber-specific, keeping them separate from other size tools is essential for gun cleaning efficiency, for ensuring barrels are properly cleaned, and to prevent tools from getting stuck in your barrel.

To better organize our gun-cleaning operation, you can have a special case that provides plenty of room to store jags, brushes, mops, and cleaning rod adapters. Another benefit of a case for your gun cleaning tools is that their uniform dimensions allow them to be stored efficiently in a range box or in a drawer on your workbench. When you need to take a cleaning set to the range, you can simply grab the box you need and go.

Speaking of patches, here is another item that tends to get tossed willy-nilly into a box or bag. As with jags and brushes, patches are sized to work with specific caliber ranges. Use a patch that is too small and you can’t effectively clean the barrel; too large and the patch either can’t be pushed through or will be so tight that all the solvent will squeeze out of the fibers as it pushes through the chamber and into the bore. You want that solvent to stay in the patch so it will coat the bore and work on the fouling.

Fortunately, it only takes a few patch sizes to cover most of the popular calibers. We recommend cotton patches purchased in bulk to save money. For storage, you can transfer a handful from the bulk bag to smaller plastic zip-closure bags and label the bags accordingly. Again, this makes it easy to grab the correct-size patches you need for a cleaning job, and it is convenient for tossing them into your gear bag when you head to the range.

No one enjoys cleaning their guns, but if you store your tools in order, it might be easier for you to cleaning your guns.



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