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What's Included In A Gun Cleaning Kit-Part One

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For those who own a gun, having a gun cleaning kit makes it easy for you to clean your gun every time, so what does a gun cleaning kit contain, let's take a look.

1. Bore brush

The bore cleaning brushes come in two different materials: bronze and nylon. Before relying on either, you should understand the utility of both.

Bronze Brushes: Each kit comes with a number of bronze brushes. Bronze brushes are often used as the first pass on the barrel to remove large carbon deposits. When buying a kit, pay attention to the brush material. The best brushes are made of high-quality bronze.

Nylon Brush: Larger cleaning kits come with nylon brushes. They are designed for sensitive parts of the gun, in situations where using bronze brushes is not a good idea. Nylon brushes are designed to reach engravings and other hard-to-reach areas.

2. Double-ended brush

Similar to brushes attached to cleaning sticks, these are toothbrush-style brushes that can be used to clean the exterior of firearms. They come in a variety of different materials, including stainless steel, nylon and brass.

3. Cotton swabs

Used in the same way as a brush, cleaning swab or gun mop, it is made of cotton and is designed to remove any residue from the bucket. Cleaning swabs are great for removing contact oil from the barrel after all buildup has been removed.

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4. Cleaning Patch (Cotton/Wool Patch/Mop)

Dip in your favorite cleaning solvent and place in the end of the cleaning tank or in a slotted patch holder. Then you slowly push it through the chamber and drill with serrated bores. Patches come in a variety of different fabrics, some thinner than others, so pay attention to details when buying.

What's the use of the mop in a gun cleaning kit?

You can actually get away with just a cotton pad, but a good cotton mop provides the best option for applying gun oil to the barrel once the cleaning is done. Cotton mops can be sized to fit specific caliber buckets, they will only apply a thin layer of oil to the bucket.

5. Luster cloth

The luster cloth is a special cloth treated with a silicone lubricant. It is ideal for use as a wiper for the exterior of firearms. For the final part of the cleaning process, use a luster cloth with a little gun oil.

6. Cleaning jags

A cotton cleaning patch is placed in the center of the jags and you can clean the bore surface 360°. Most jags are nickel-plated or brass to prevent scratching the inner barrel. It is very important to make sure all solvent is removed as it can dry out and cause the metal to rust.

Here we introduce you to some of the things that are included in a gun cleaning kit, and in our future article, we will introduce you to some other things.



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