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universal gun cleaning kit with cables

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  • What are the precautions for using the gun brush cleaning set?


    What are the precautions for using the gun brush cleaning set?When using a gun brush cleaning set, you should pay attention to the following points:Before cleaning the gun, you should read the gun's instruction manual to understand the gun's structure and disassembly methods to avoid damage or dange Read More
  • What Kind Of Gun Is Clean Enough?


    If you are owning a gun, here is a simple rule for you: If you fired a gun, you were to wipe it down before you put it away. Even once, you were to clean it thoroughly, then wipe it down before you put it away. Read More
  • The Hierarchy of Firearms Knowledge and Skill


    -A brief acknowledgment: Though they do not know me, it is of professional importance to give credit where it is due and thank Massad Ayoob and Daniel Shaw for sparking the thoughts of this article as I listened to Daniel’s Gunfighter Cast, audio podcast while driving home one afternoon.-Many Thanks Read More


    BASIC FIREARM KNOWLEDGE GUN OWNERS SHOULD KNOWPosted at 12:30h in Blog, Gun Safety & Training by Jeff - TacDyn Instructor 0 Comments 5Likes The last few weeks have seen an explosion in gun sales around the country. Many of those sales seem to be to brand new gun owners. Excellent! However, there ar Read More
  • What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gun?


    What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gun?Most gun owners are aware that they need to clean and maintain their firearms. However, not many people know what happens if you don’t. Besides keeping your firearm’s appearance, cleaning comes with several other benefits. Here are some of the things that cou Read More
  • Proper Gun Storage Guidelines


    Whether your gun in storage is for home defense or aesthetic purposes, you must store it properly. 77% of accidental gun deaths occur in homes, which increases the need for proper storage. Here are some guidelines that you should heed:If possible, get a firearm that comes with trigger locks. You can Read More
  • Why Cleaning Your Gun is Important


    There are many reasons why people own and use firearms regularly. Many use their guns for sport. Sport can include hunting in order to provide your own food. It can also include competitive shooting.Many own firearms for self-defense. Although they hope to never use it this way, they need to use the Read More
  • How To Clean Guns With Household Items


    When cleaning guns, we generally use gun cleaning kits, but if you don't have one, and you urgently need to clean your gun, what should you do? In fact, there are some household items that can also help you clean your firearm. To clean your firearm, you can follow the process below. Read More
  • Things You Need to Clean a Gun


    Things You Need to Clean a GunNo matter how dirty you get your gun there are a million ways to fix it. Today is a weapon cleaning day and we've got something very important to talk about: а gun cleaning or to be more exact gun cleaning tools. Let's go over general instruments and supplies you'll nee Read More
  • How To Keep Your Guns Clean?


    Keeping guns clean is a very important thing. Clean guns can not only make you more accurate when shooting, but also make you safer when using them. So how do you keep your guns clean? Read More
  • What Should I Do If The Gun Is Damaged By Fire?


    In our lives, we are likely to encounter fires for various reasons. Fires are extremely destructive. So if you are caught in a fire and your gun was damaged in the fire, what should you do? Read More
  • Common Mistakes When Reloading Firearms-Part One


    For people who use guns, reloading is a very common thing, but we must avoid some common mistakes about reloading to prevent danger from happening. Read More
  • The Rules For Gun Cleaning


    Cleaning the gun helps to remove any sticky or buildup in use and ensures that your gun can operate at its best performance. So in the process of gun cleaning, what rules should be followed? Read More
  • How To Store Your Guns Properly-Part Two


    When storing guns, the first thing we need to consider is to store the guns in a safe place, but in addition, it is also important to store the guns correctly to avoid rusting of the guns, so how should you store the guns to prevent rusting? Read More
  • Nylon Or Bronze Brush: Which Cleaning Effect Is Better


    Nylon hole brush is the best choice for daily spray gun cleaning. For deeper cleaning, it is recommended to use a brass hole brush with some solvent and patches. You should only consider using a bronze bristle pore brush if you want to clean heavily scaled or completely grinded holes that are diffic Read More
  • Which Kitchen Sink To Buy


    Foreign studies have found that the amount of bacteria in the kitchen sink exceeds 500,000, which is ten times the number of bacteria in the toilet. Research has also found that cleaning the sink with clean water alone cannot effectively kill bacteria. The correct method is to use a brush and deterg Read More
  • How To Choose A Brush For Cleaning


    Brush is a relatively common tool that people use. Different types of brushes are used in various industries and in various situations, and their brush filaments are also different. Common ones are nylon brush wire, pig bristles, metal wire, curved wire, sharpened wire and so on. Let's tal Read More



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