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10 Frequently asked questions about gun cleaning kit

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1. What are gun cleaning kits?

Gun cleaning kits come with almost everything you need to properly clean and maintain your firearms. The great thing about kits is that you can clean a variety of guns, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Purchasing each component that comes in a kit is very expensive and you can plan on spending close to double if you buy each component individually.

2. How does a gun cleaning kit work

Each gun cleaning kit usually comes with instructions that detail each tool. It’s actually very easy to learn how to use a gun cleaning kit and if you are having trouble cleaning your firearm be sure to go to YouTube and search for videos, you can always find something there. Otherwise, there are hunting and shooting forums that will help you.

3. What are the benefits of gun cleaning kits?

As mentioned earlier there is a quick clean that you should give your gun after shooting, and there is a full clean. Every couple of weeks you should perform a full clean using a gun cleaning kit to keep your firearms in perfect condition. This will ensure that they do not misfire or become damaged by the elements. The other big advantage of a kit is saving money. Purchasing a kit is cheaper than buying each component by itself.

4. What types of gun cleaning kits can I buy?

There are gun cleaning kits for every type of firearm but here we wanted to review the most popular kits. The kits reviewed here will cover 99% of firearms. If you have a gun that falls into that 1% then you should buy specific tools for that caliber. Otherwise just check the caliber of your firearms and be sure that the kit includes it.

5. Is everything I need in a gun cleaning kit?

No, most kits do not include cleaning solvents, CLP, lubricant or cotton swabs. These items do not fit well in many of the cases and are therefore sold separately. The total cost of these items is less than $10, so it’s not too big of a deal.

6. What kind of guns can I clean with a gun cleaning kit?

The Universal gun cleaning kits are designed to clean all guns. The smaller kits are specifically designed for rifles, shotguns or pistols. As always double-check the caliber on the kit to make sure it works with your firearms.

7. How do I store my gun after I clean it?

After cleaning your gun you are most likely going to store it somewhere. The ideal place is somewhere dark and warm, such as a gun cabinet or safe. Be sure to apply lubricating oil to prevent rust. The best place to store your gun is a locked gun cabinet.

8. How long does it take to clean my gun?

Once you get the hang of it, you can do a quick clean in about 2 minutes. That includes taking out the boresnake, putting oil on it and running it through your gun and then wiping it down. A full clean will depend on the size of your gun but commonly, takes several minutes. If you’re not in a hurry you should take your time when cleaning all your guns.

9. What’s the best gun cleaning kit for beginners?

We made it easy for beginners and experts to find a kit here. Beginner kits generally have fewer components and simple instructions on how to clean your guns. Even the more advanced kits are not very difficult to use and you will get the hang of it in no time.

10. Is it expensive to buy a gun cleaning kit?

Most of the universal kits cost between $20 – $100, which is not too bad considering your guns can cost thousands of dollars. The rifle, shotgun, and handgun kits generally cost around $20 – $50. If you have one or two firearms you can opt for the single cleaning kits or just go for the Universal if you plan on purchasing more firearms.



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